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Poster: vaagheid Date: Nov 26, 2008 7:14am
Forum: feature_films Subject: question on museum documentary's.

This is kind of a stab in the dark.
I am and art-student so I oftenly go to museums for study and maybe also just because I find it interesting.
Today I went in Arnhem to the museum of modern arts.
They had and exposition of a Dutch artist called Melle and they had a DVD with info about the artist and his work specialy made for the exposition in the souvenirshop.
Because they oftenly release these kind of DVD's/video's during expo's and they ofentenly just disapear in tin air after the Expo is over. I was wondering if maybe some of these custom made documentarys have fallen in the public domain or if just someone know what happens to them after the've been part of the expo-souvenirs?

Hope someone can figure this out and respond to my post.

p.s. I had to write this post in a hurry, so I hadn't time to take out the spelling mistakes.